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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Artix Entertainment Calendars are BACK!

That's right, we now have MORE Artix Entertainment 2011 Year of the Moglin calendars to sell you!  Our first print run of them sold out in under FOUR DAYS!  We know that not everyone who wanted one got a chance to order a calendar (and get the AWESOME Chronomancer class!), so we've ordered another 1,000 calendars from the printer!

If you waited to order before and missed out, NOW is your chance to grab one of these rare merch items!  We've already sold over 200 calendars from the second batch, and they're going fast!  If YOU want to own the Chronomancer class in DragonFable and AQWorlds, the Chronomancer armor in AdventureQuest, and the Chronos Mech in MechQuest, this is the time to head to HeroMart and grab your chance!

The calendar sells for $12.00 USD plus shipping. (A good idea if you want to buy multiple things from HeroMart is to buy them all at once.  That way you'll save on shipping costs!)

The calendars are selling fast and we don't know if we'll print more after this second print run is gone, so if you want to make sure to have a GORGEOUS calendar on your wall and an AWESOME armor in your backpack, then click on this link to HeroMart and pick up a calendar of your own. Time is running out! (Time NEVER runs out for Chronomancers!)