Time to talk about the new class!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's TIME to preview the Chronomaner skills!

It's a Sneak Peek Wednesday once more, and I think you're going to REALLY like what we'll be showing you: the Chronomancer's skill list!

I know there's been a ton of chatter about DragonFable's newest class on Twitter and the forums, but if you haven't heard about it yet, here's some important information to remember:

Chronomancer class is the in-game promotional item attached to Artix Entertainment's first Calendar, the 2011 Year of the Moglin!  This calendar features 12 of your favorite female NPCs from AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest, and AQWorlds! (You'll also receive the Chronomancer class in AQWorlds, Chronos Mech in MQ, and the Chronomancer armor in AQ when you purchase the calendar!)

The calendar goes up on HeroMart for Pre-orders on Thursday, November 11th! (That's tomorrow!)  We only have a limited number of calendars, so you'll definitely want to be one of the first in line to get your pre-order in to make sure you get ALL these AMAZING rewards!

The calendar is only $12.00 USD, which is a GREAT deal!

Lets move now from great deals to even greater skills!  Rolith, Aelthai, and Tomix all pulled together to come up with an awesome list of Chrono-skills, so without further ado, lets fast forward into the skills section of this Design Notes!

  • Time Orb: distorts opponent's reality. Reduction to opponent's chance to hit.
  • Time Storm: replays hits of damage over time. A damage over time skill.
  • Chronolock: freezes time for the opponent. 3 turn stun.
  • ChronoSphere: magical orb which buffs defenses.
  • Mana Steal: slip through time to steal opponent's mana.
  • Fast Forward: resets your cooldowns.
  • Record: 3-strike attack dealing 150% damage.
  • Multi: Bend time to allow you to hit multiple opponents at once.
  • Time Bomb: Use the flow of time itself to reduce damage.
  • Rewind: Roll back time to a point where you have more health.  A heal skill.
  • Overclock: Show time who is boss! Attack skill + 40% damage buff.
  • Age: The younger (more healthy) your opponent, the more damage you do! Attack skill dealing damage based on mob's current health.
  • MEANWHILE!: Your opponent should never look away, because while he's doing it, you're attacking! Final attack skill.
  • Blink!: An extra turn? What? Wait! We can DO that?!

There are some AWESOME skills on this list (giving you an extra turn? HOW do we do that?  Rolith assures me it works, but it sure SOUNDS like you're manipulating the game.  Good for you, Chronomancers!) And if you can guess which of the skills is a tribute to Doctor Who (some of us are HUGE Who fans!) then you get a Tempus treat!

Time flies, and so must I.  Back to working on this week's release!  I hope to battle YOU in Chronomancer class armor in DF's PVP!  Want a sneak peek of the armor?  Battle 232339 or 35 to get in-game sneak peeks of the female and male Chronomancer armors!