The First of April

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Re: Coming changes to policy for April



The start of April will coincide with the start of Project C8, and while I know you are (or should be) working hard on getting all the releases ready for Project C8 this memo is to remind you of new policies going into effect as soon as April begins here in the DragonFable Department.

Starting at the beginning of April there is to be no congregating in the Dentist Office that functions as Hidden Entrance #4. We have had some questions asked when a nerf fight broke out and caused a root canal to go horribly awry.

The first week of April will also see the installation of a card reader at the entrance to the sock cages. This is for your protection; the socks have been getting increasingly aggressive since the onset of the lint season.

Due to new negotiations with the Hamster Teamsters we are now all required to work equal time powering the servers as part of our weekly schedules starting in April, and they are to be allowed to input and comment on DragonFable’s releases. As they don’t speak anything resembling a language, this should have minimal input on our creativity.

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... that's Mr. Ficus to you. Bugs like this will not be tolerated....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Memo to DragonFable Staff:

The success of Project C8 hinges upon you completing all your work in the prescribed amount of time. Failure to release your projects on time, every hour, will result in termination by tog.

*Objects in Assignment Diagram E5-PR3350 not to scale.

We, of course, have every confidence that you will complete each and every thing assigned.Or else.

Questions, concerns, and comments can all be relayed through the Department of Forum Communication.