is feeling a little lucky!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your luck is in! A NEW war system is coming!

Hi guys! Happy not-quite-Friday! (Less enjoyable than tomorrow-Saturday but more fun than teeth-drill-day, right?)

It's time for another Sneak Peek Design Notes, and we have one that will make you GREEN with envy. Or maybe that's just anticipation. Which is also a suitable emotion. Feel your feelings, own your emotions! Just take time to analyze them later, because we've got some REALLY important information to pass on!

First up is a Sneak Peek made by Tomix. It's too big to post here on the Design Notes page, so I'll have to link you to it. Let me introduce you to Maeve, Queen of the Minx Faeries!

Take a moment. Study the picture. Reflect, perhaps, on why she is not a teeny tiny little fairy lass like all of the other Minx Faeries you've met in DragonFable. Once you're finished speculating, please do read on:

Maeve is an ADULT Minx Faery! That's right, ALL of the Minx Faeries you've fought in-game are children. At best, teenagers. Dodgy little wing-nuts, aren't they? That's because faery children have a prodigious amount of energy. Can't stay still. That explains their high dodge. As for the healing skill, well, faery magic and a keen instinct for self-preservation are wonderful things.

Bet you're glad you don't have to fight THEM in the war next week!

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