Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ravenloss returns in 2 weeks!

It's that kind of Sneak Peek day when we show you something WE'RE really excited about!  And we hope YOU are, too!

With the Nythera Saga ending this week, that means we can return to finishing the other side storylines we've already begun: The Clashening chain and the Ravenloss Saga!

There will be a brand new Lim-laden, Cysero-soaked Clashening quest next week while most of the AE team is at Dragon*Con. (I finished this quest parodying a famous paradoxical thought experiment ahead of time for JUST this reason!)  And the week after the Clashening comes back, you'll see the return of the Ravenloss Saga!  We're very excited about this; it's been such a fun chain to build!  So for your Sneak Peek this week, we have a gloom-filled glimpse of one of the backgrounds from the next Ravenloss quest!

Are you up for  venturing into the dimly-lit and deserted depths of the Dark Tower Pentientiary?  Get ready to start the hunt for Riadne and the Icicle Key in two weeks

I hope that's whetted your appetite for some of the releases in the coming weeks!  We'll also see the return of the DragonsGrasp quest chain starting next week!  Get ready to have fun, because we are going to be throwing some seriously awesome releases your way!

And if you want to join in ALL the fun we'll be having, now's the perfect time to upgrade your account!  DragonLords get the best weapons and some of the most amazing battles and storylines in DragonFable, not to mention perks like Titan battles and getting to customize your very own Dragon companion!

We appreciate all our players (you guys ROCK!), but the DragonLords keep our game going and the server hamsters fed so we strive to make sure that when you buy a Dragon Amulet for your character, you are getting the very best game we can make for you! 


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There's no a-Voiding these skills!

Nythera levels up!
In this week's Nythera quest, she'll unlock and learn her Void skills (though you won't be able to USE them until next week).  Khelios and Tomix are working together to make these skills SUPER-awesome, and we wanted to give you some information about them!


Summon an Abyss Fiend!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peeking at the DragonMage

We've got silhouettes and Photoshops! It's a sibilant Sneak Peek THIS week!
Lets dive right in to an all-Nythera Saga Sneak Peek!  First up is this pretty baby, the newest Void monster! 

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Design Notes System is live!

And the first post we'll make with it is with today's Sneak Peek!
Now, you may have noticed the tags under all of this month's DN entries. That's the new system! What's REALLY nice about it is that before we had to go into a web design program and use things like HTML and macros for shortcuts and all sorts of fiddling around to make things juuuuuuust right. And, as you may have noticed, very occasioanally the Design Notes page would explode and things would look all wonky. But those days are a thing of the past with this new, SHINY* system!

This sneak peek DN is a test of the new system AND a preview of what's to come this week!

Time for the Sneak Peek!
This week we'll have two brand-new quests for you! In the first, you'll be journeying to the village of Bask, where that nefarious felon crashlanded! But watch out for booby traps! (This warning is not a diversion. Or is it? Nope, definitely not.)

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